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Product Name:Wit-Color EPSON DX5(F1440-A1) F186000 Eco-Solvent Print head

Product Details:
EPSON DX5 F1440/F186000
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FOB Price:
USD 950.00-1000.00 /Piece
Shipping Terms:
Shippment Port:
Shanghai Port
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Production Capacity:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Delivery Time:
Within 3~5 days after payment received.
In EPSON Original Packing.

Detailed Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Place of Origin: JAPAN
  • Brand Name: Wit-Color
  • Model Number: DX5 F186000
  • Usage: Eco-Solvent printer, LED UVprinter, Textile printer, etc.
  • Color & Page: Multicolor

  • Certification: CE, ISO9001

  • INK: Can use for eco-solvent ink, UV ink, disperse ink and dye sublimation ink.

Production Description:

 Nozzles  Rows  Nozzzles in Row  Nozzles per Inch  Drop Size(PL)  Variable  Frequency  Width
 1440  8  180  360dpi         3.5pl  3.5pl~27pl  30K HZ  64.77mm


Main Features:

1, Grayscale Technology.

 This technology can select the drop size automatically according to the image's color changing toget the prefect quality with high resolution  and color saturation.

2, Fault-Tolerant Feather Technology.

This technology will solve the PASS banding problem which was normally found on piezoelectric printers.

3, Varial Color Sequence Technology

Varial Color Sequence Technology will extend the printhead using life.